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By clicking on "I Agree," you agree, warrant and covenant as follows:
I agree to abide by all federal, state , local laws and regulations and Ride for Wishes, Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Missouri policies and procedures for the Motorcycle Event (the "Event") for my personal safety, the safety of others and as applicable, the operation of a motorcycle during the Event. I agree to wear a helmet and I will take all safety precautions, including my use and the use by any passenger. I will have and use all legally required safety equipment and safety gear, including without limitation, helmets, appropriate clothing, eyewear and seatbelts. I will be responsible for my passenger to do the same.
I will accept full responsibility for operation of the car or motorcycle, and I do hereby assume full responsibility for any risk to my safety and well-being and to any passenger I may have, and for any third parties who may be placed at risk, suffer any injury, harm, death, or loss (real or personal) from my acts or omissions during the Event. I represent that I am duly licensed to operate said vehicle, and that motorcycle I will use is in good condition and working order: and is duly licensed, insured and suitable for its intended purpose.
If I participate in the Event as a passenger, I agree to all the terms and conditions of the Consent, Waiver and Release as they may be applied to my participation in the Event as a passenger.
In consideration of the furtherance of the Ride for Wishes and the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Missouri purposes, objectives and work, and in consideration of the Ride for Wishes and the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Missouri permitting me, or as applicable any minor under my guardianship, to participate in the Event on behalf of myself, me heirs, executors, administrators and assigns and as applicable on behalf of any minor under my guardianship who may participate in the Event by submitting this form or by participating in the Event, I do hereby waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages which I, or as applicable the above-referenced participating minor, may have against the Ride for wishes and Make-A-Wish Foundation of Missouri, third parties in connection the municipalities or property through over which the Event will take place, as well as, any other persons or entities connected with the Event, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns for any and all injuries which I or the participating minor under my guardianship, may suffer while taking part in the Event as a result thereof.
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